I Would like to introduce you to a few of my beliefs and policies.

:: Platform policies ::

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  • Bring order to the community with approving funding to preserve the safety of the city including Police, Fire, and D.P.W. Departments.

  • Improve the living conditions within the elderly complexes especially giving attention to the air quality.

  • Address the improvement of better air quality with the schools.

  • Address the high taxes specifically paying attention for closer analyzation of the water and sewer tax.

  • Remove the restrictive hold back policies regarding purchasing and sales of privately owned property.

  • Homeowners are to be able to perform work unhindered by illegal stop work orders and to pay a reasonable amount for permits required.

  • Businesses are to be worked with and accommodated towards to allow commerce to thrive once again within the community.

  • Roads and sidewalk construction is to be completed in a timely manner addressing the concerns of travelers within the community.

  • To allow larger tax breaks for the homeowners that have invested in the community for over 25 years and elder owners within the community.

  • Set up a program to enable new small businesses to open and receive assistance.

  • To open programs that will better serve the community such as the(Help a Neighbor distressed) HAND PROGRAM..